Our story

2017 - When it all started
It was in Paris, the fashion capital of the world, in 2017, that we created Haircvt, based on the observation that the hairdressing accessories sector had not undergone any notable evolution for decades.
Our goal was simple: to develop the best hair dryers at the right price.
To achieve this, we joined forces with a dozen of the best professional hairdressers in Paris.
Our objective was to understand their needs in order to create the best product in each price range.
We were thus able to identify the main characteristics necessary to make a hair dryer your best beauty ally:
- It must be light and comfortable to use.
- It must preserve the hair's softness and shine.
- It must reliable and of high quality.
- It must be affordable to as many people as possible.
Each of our hair dryers is therefore systematically designed by the best engineers to strictly meet these characteristics.

2018 - First product, first success
Launch of our first hair dryer, the Dryer.
Its simple name, unique design and ease of use made it a real bestseller.

2019 - A new and unique service
Based on our experience in the hairdressing world we launched our own internet platform dedicated to the French hairdressing world. The objective was simple: to allow each client to find the best hairdresser to meet their needs.
The success is there with more than 100 000 monthly users.

2021 - Second product launch
Launch of our second product, the Absolut. A simple and meaningful name that reflects our goal: to be able to achieve all cuts and styles with a single accessory.

2022 - Third product, the result of all our expertise
Launch of our new Flow hair dryer. Its unique design and numerous qualities make it a great success, especially with professional hairdressers who adopt it.

2023 - Welcome in England
After thousands of satisfied customers in France and more than 300 professional hairdressers who have adopted our hair dryers, we cross the Channel and are proud to offer our range in the UK.